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Animals - are a very popular and appealing topic for photographers due to the diversity of motives and perspectives, the latter is especially challenging as the motive has a will of its own... With animals, capturing the perfect moment in a photo is never easy - it is a combination of equipment, patience and of course opportunity. This is the particular fascination, to interact with the animal and anticipate its actions to depict its personality or mood. The outcome is quite often a surprise and sometimes more human than expected...


2016-10-10 Mittenwald, Bavaria


September was a month of some new mountain trips thanks to some awesome weather. 1st was the Grünkopf, small mountain in the shadow of the bigger Wetterstein. Its a red route ( 2nd most diffult ) due to 2 small climbing passages, but overall its a pretty easy climb to the summit at 1588m.
Another small tour was up to the Hohen Kranzberg (1391m) via Laintal. For the descent i took the northern route this time via Klais and Schmalensee. And last but not least the highest peak for the month: the Rehberg at 1610m.

2016-08-24 Mittenwald, Bavaria


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2016-05-20 Mittenwald, Bavaria

Short lake tour

Laintal - Lautersee - Ferchensee. Tour took about 3 hours.

2016-05-14 is up and running again

After a timeout and a major overhaul of the website, everything is back up and running again. The biggest aspect was to add responsive functionality.
I will continue to add new sections and do some minor tweaks in the future. Next zoo trips will be Innsbruck and Munich Sometime in June.